The Mine: Tales From a Revolution – Connecticut

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“The reader will be left wanting to hear more of these delightful stories!”
The Colonial Review

“The Mine tells a completely different side of history that you don’t normally hear about.”
Brian’s Book Blog

Fighting the Revolution put him underground!
Alec Tinsworth joined the Loyalist militia to restore his family’s fortunes after his Connecticut neighbors rebelled against the British Crown. His own luck runs out when he is captured and thrown into the most notorious prison in the colony—a dank, abandoned copper mine. Hunger, disease, and his fellow prisoners all put his very survival in question. A desperate escape plan and new friendships are all that keep Alec going…but will they be enough?

The Mine is the Connecticut volume in the Tales From a Revolution series, in which each standalone novel explores how the American War of Independence unfolds across a different colony. If you you’ve ever wondered how the prisoners of war fared during the Revolution, you’ll find some of the disturbing answers in The Mine.

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