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Thank you very much for your interest in the Tales From a Revolution series.

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The Siege

The Tree

The Freedman

  • Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-942319-29-0
  • eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-942319-30-6
  • High-resolution cover image
  • Excerpt

The Path

  • Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-942319-24-5
  • eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-942319-23-8
  • High-resolution cover image
  • Excerpt

The Darkness

  • Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-942319-18-4
  • eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-942319-19-1
  • High-resolution cover image
  • Excerpt

The Wind

The Break

The Declaration

The Smoke

The Light

The Prize

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