The Convention: Tales From a Revolution – Massachusetts

Surrender Was Just the Beginning of his Battle…
Arthur Leary thought that his part in the Revolution ended when his generals surrendered their army to the Americans after the Battle of Saratoga. Little did he know that political maneuvering at the highest levels of British and American government would leave him and his fellow soldiers marching across the landscape for years to come… unless he could find a way out. The rocky soil of a New-England farm owned by fierce patriots to the American cause offered him hard labor, and harder choices — choices which would shape his future, and that of his country.

The Convention is the Massachusetts volume in the Tales From a Revolution series, in which each standalone novel explores how the American War of Independence unfolds across a different colony. If you like exploring familiar history from unfamiliar viewpoints, you’ll love The Convention.

Grab your copy of The Convention today and see how even the most difficult defeats can sow the seeds of liberty!

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