Packing and Preparing

Now that I’ve done all of the hard work toward getting The Light into your hands (okay, there’s still the small matter of fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards – I expect to have those out next week!), I am increasingly feeling the itch to start writing again….

Scenes bubble up in the back of my head, and I want to start delving into what they look like, what they smell like, how they taste. ¬†Characters are whispering to me, begging me to start writing down their words, their thoughts, their lives… I just have to reassure them: “Soon, my friends, soon you will live and breathe on the page.”

It’s akin to the anticipation leading up to a long road trip–there’s some inconvenience attendant to making sure that things will be taken care of in your absence, and a few things to be loaded up that you’ll need along the way, but there’s also the thrill of heading into the unknown. ¬†I don’t know what I’ll find along the way, exactly, but I do know that there will be wonders, detours, delays, frustrations… and tremendous discoveries.

Meanwhile, I’m reading history, thinking about what sort of story I will tell this time, hoping that it is an easy labor, without the need for massive interventions, and that the result is beautiful, sparkling, informative and that my readers find it worth spending a few hours with it.

Just a few more weeks…