Meeting My Readers

One of the genuine joys of being an author is getting to meet people who’ve read my work and appreciated it.  I recently had a signing event at a nearby bookstore, and got to meet a number of folks who were glad to tell me what they’d thought of my book.

In addition, when I get a review from someone on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads, I feel like I’m getting to meet those readers, as well.  The reception that The Prize has gotten has been particularly gratifying, and I’ve gotten a lot of really invaluable feedback that way – insights that help me to improve my writing and do a better job of telling the stories that are important to me.

I’ve also gotten passionate requests to continue the stories of the characters my readers have come to know and love.  While my Tales From a Revolution series doesn’t really lend itself to continuously recurring characters, it’s not impossible that I’ll go back and revisit some of our favorite folks from my stories in one form or another.  Captain Mallett of The Prize, in particular, demands to be heard from further, so you may expect to see his name again in the future.

Please do keep on writing and posting reviews, and keep sending me emails and notes – I do my level best to respond to all communications in a timely fashion, and I love hearing from you, whether you have a bone to pick with me, or (even better) just want to tell me how my work has affected you and your understanding of our national origins.

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