“We take in an entire world with the expenditure of only a few words. This is carefully crafted art, consummate storytelling…”

Before the Second Sleep Book Reviews

“…an intelligent and poignant work of historical fiction.”

Amazon Reviewer

“…Wonderfully engaging journey takes readers through moments of grief and seasons of joy, all sparkling with lively humor.”

Michelle Isenhoff, Author, The Color of Freedom

“Hedbor’s writing is superb. The flow and grace of the language is entrancing. Each sentence is meticulously crafted. Reading this book is a joy.”

– Hugh T. Harrington, Editor,  Journal of the American Revolution

“I definitely felt like I was right there with the characters, and was consciously weighing their moral dilemmas in my mind as if they were my own.”

– Troy Ciesco, Amazon Reviewer

“He seamlessly blends his tale with the events of the American Revolution!”

– Daniel O’Neil, Executive Director, Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

“I enjoyed the insight and respect given to people… long forgotten and overlooked in the circumstances that devoured them.”

– Dave Kentner,   The Readers’ Writers Syndicated Book Reviews

“With a commanding grasp of history, Hedbor deftly weaves a fascinating tale of the early days of America’s road to independence.”

– Jeffrey Miller, Author, War Remains