For Educators: The Smoke

Cover-SmallThe Smoke: Tales From a Revolution – New York

206 pages
Brief Candle Press, 2014

As the quiet cycle of life in the forested realm of the Skarure is shattered by the outbreak of war between the British and Colonial forces, the old alliances of the Haudenosaunee Confederation are pulled in divergent directions, pitting brother against brother, even within the clans.  Thrust into the middle of this maelstrom, young Joseph Killeen’s fate will hinge on the care of an unexpected community, who will help him decide not only what is right and wrong, but ultimately, who he even is.

Great historical fiction can bring history to life in a way that is very difficult to accomplish in a classroom lecture, and the Tales From a Revolution books are acclaimed both for their historical accuracy and their rich storytelling.
To help you see how The Smoke can enhance your teaching of the American Revolution and the history of the Haudenosaunee through that tumultuous period, I invite you to download a free ebook version of the book for your review.  Simply click on the version that is compatible with your device or app, and follow the directions to load the file for reading.


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