For Educators: The Declaration

The Declaration: Tales From a Revolution – South-Carolina

614powBPWlL218 pages
Brief Candle Press, 2014
A hardworking tobacco farmer in the Carolina Uplands, Justin Harris wants only to provide for his family. The outbreak of revolution turns his life upside down, and he cannot anticipate how even his seemingly most inconsequential actions will touch the lives of generations yet to come. Through crushing setbacks and hard-won victories, Justin’s perseverance serves as a gift to his descendants.


Great historical fiction can bring history to life in a way that is very difficult to accomplish in a classroom lecture, and the Tales From a Revolution books are acclaimed both for their historical accuracy and their rich storytelling.

To help you see how The Declaration can enhance your teaching of the American Revolution by showing your students that even stories we think we know well have more than one side, I invite you to download a free ebook version of the book for your review.  Simply click on the version that is compatible with your device or app, and follow the directions to load the file for reading.