Finished The Light this evening. Deeply flawed story, but it’s got some essential strengths in it. It all came together in the last 24 hours of writing, though, and threads that I really didn’t have the first clue where they were going to wind up going wound up nicely woven into the resolution of the story.

I thought, after the leaping great fun I recalled The Prize being to write last year, that this novel would be a walk in the park… but I guess each one is its own unique experience, and, if I didn’t get mugged this time through, I at least had to go through a pretty rough section of the trail to get here.

That or novel-writing is somehow akin to childbirth in that one forgets how difficult it was the last time, so that the next time even has a chance to get off the ground at all. Really, though, this one just felt harder to write… probably because it’s not based on my home turf like The Prize was, and I went into it expecting that same kind of easy, natural experience. *sigh*

However it happened, though, I am a novelist, for the third time. Time for a Scotch, and then I’m going to go get some sleep.

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