Coming Attractions

While we patiently wait together for The Light to make its way through the process from a document on my computer to a book in your hands, I thought that you all might appreciate a sense of what’s coming after that.

My newest manuscript is tentatively titled The Smoke: Tales From a Revolution – New York. In keeping with my desire to find and tell stories of little-known aspects of our Revolution, I found myself drawn to the sad fate of the Iroquois Confederation through that era.

While the Revolution led to the foundation of our nation, it directly caused the splintering of this native American confederation. the structure of which likely served as inspiration to our founders as they considered how to manage the disparate interests of the thirteen new states of the nascent union.

Most of the nations of the Iroquois Confederation sought to remain neutral, until events forced them to choose between their old allies among the British, and the upstart American rebels.  Some nations chose the British side, while others chose ours.  All suffered terribly in the battles that followed, and I thought that their story needed to be told.

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