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Papercut, Anyone?

Such has been the patient suffering of my beloved readers, as you waited for the paperback edition of The Prize to become available, that it gives me unutterable pleasure to inform you that it is now available in your format of choice.

Whether the instant gratification of your nook, Kindle or other e-reader is your preference, or if you are a fan of the tactile sensation of turning the pages (and garnering the occasional papercut, if you’re like me), The Prize is now available in your favorite formats everywhere:

Any other e-reader

Paperback from Amazon
Paperback from Barnes & Noble
Paperback from Books-A-Million
Paperback from Powell’s
Paperback from select independent bookstores

However you prefer to read, please buy your copy – and tell your friends about it, too.  Honest, gentle reviews on your favorite site – Amazon, B&N or Goodreads are my personal favorites – are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading – and watch for more cool developments here soon!
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